Flexible. Fun. Form Flex Compound.

Form Flex FAQs

We've gathered a few of our most frequently asked questions about Form Flex and put them here so that you can purchase with confidence. If you have any questions not answered here, please see us at our Form Flex Facebook Page for quickest response time!

Product Information

Is Form Flex artisan grade?

Absolutely, remains flexible, minimal to no shrinkage or cracking, shows fine detail.

Is Form Flex non-toxic?

Yes, Form Flex conforms to ASTM 4236 and does not require additional special labeling in California. Meets all requirements when used as intended.

How long do castings retain their shape?

Castings, when stored in an airtight container will remain flexible until used. We recommend parchment paper between layers of castings.

Do cured castings crack?

Minimal to no cracking.

Does Form Flex work outdoors?

Yes. We recommend outdoor applications be sealed for longer life.

How can I purchase Form Flex?

From our store page or any authorized retailer of Form Flex Compound!

Usage Questions

How do I store unused product?

Store in provided packaging with zip lock sealed. If bag is damaged, store in air tight bag.

What type of adhesive can I use with Form Flex?

Any adhesive that is compatible with surface in which you’re adhering.

Can this product be painted?

Form Flex is compatible with all types of paints, stains and waxes for special effects.

Must this product be completely dry/cured before application?

No, we recommend that product be room temperature.

How long does it take this product to dry?

Normal drying time 4-24 hours depending on thickness. note: product can be used as soon as it becomes room temperature.

What are the intended uses of this product?

Silicone molds, impression making, embossing, cookie cutter shapes and whatever your creative imagination can conceive!